Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jeff Baker, the Cornerstone of a Winning Franchise

So the Cubs have the second worst record in the majors and thus look like major sellers with the trade deadline fast approaching. But who do the Cubs even have worth trading?

First of all let's cross out the ridiculous ones folks seem to be mentioning.
  • Aramis Ramirez - Playing well and could add some pop to a contender's lineup.  Only problem is Aramis doesn't want to go anywhere.  And why would he if the Cubs pick up his option next year for like $16 million or so?
  • Carlos Zambrano - He'd willingly go somewhere else.  But who wants to pay that much money for a guy that last year didn't have the greatest display of stability, on the mound or in the head?
  • Alfonso Soriano - Forget it folks.  Alfie belongs to us until the Rapture comes and takes us all.
  • Ryan Dempster - This is just stupid.  There's no reason to deal him other than.... nope.  There really is no reason.
So who is available for trade?  How about Reed Johnson, Carlos Pena, Jeff Baker, Kosuke Fukudome...

Oh wait. My bad. Take Jeff Baker off that list. Hendry won't trade him.  That's right according to an article a few days ago Hendry says Baker is not on the table. Why? Good question. Let's refer to Ken Rosenthal's piece:
The Cubs do not intend to trade Baker, envisioning him as part of their team for next season, according to rival executives. The Red Sox and Indians are among the teams that showed interest in him, sources say.
Baker, 30, earns $1.175 million and will remain affordable in 2012, his final year of salary arbitration before becoming a free agent.
The Cubs are under no pressure to shed payroll, sources say. GM Jim Hendry also is mindful of fielding a competitive team next season, even though he may not return.

It's Jeff fucking Baker! The guy doesn't even have a regular starting job, nor should he. But he's crucial to having a competitive team in 2012? Clearly he's been the reason for the Cubs success in 2011! That last sentence is priceless. You know why you "may not return" Jim? For making asinine decisions like saying Jeff Baker is untouchable! Sweet fucking Christ, while you're at it maybe you should give Jeff Samardzija an extension on that atrocious contract you gave him a few years back.

I have nothing else to say. I'm a terrible Cubs fan.

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