Friday, April 1, 2011

And So It Begins...

This team was awful last season.  Awful to the point that I really stopped watching after August.  On the likability scale the 2010 Cubs would rate somewhere between the 2004 Cubs and the rock bottom 2006 Cubs for least likable.

And yet, here we are, just a couple hours from the 2011 season kicking off and I can't help but be excited for this team.  Why do I find this team so much more enjoyable than the putrid version from last year?  Thinking about it, I quickly came up with a list of reasons why 2011 is so much better.

  1. No Theriot.
  2. No Fontenot.
  3. No Sam Fuld.
  4. No fans clamoring for Sam Fuld.
  5. No Carlos Silva.
  6. Mike Quade dropping F bombs.
  7. Mike Quade actually giving a shit (Sorry Lou, but you really mailed it in last season).
  8. Dempster, Garza, Zambrano, Wells, Cashner is a rotation I can endorse.
  9. Kerry Wood's fucking back where he belongs.
  10. Carlos Pena replaces D-Lee and will be a bigger clubhouse presence than Lee was.
  11. Marlon Byrd is still around.
  12. There hasn't been much news about Soriano this spring which tells me he's feeling good.
  13. Darwin Barney has promise to overthrow the double-headed monster of crap at 2B.
  14. Tyler Colvin will emerge as an everyday RF and Kosuke will be reduced to 4th OF spot starter status.
  15. Starlin Castro is the first Cubs SS I didn't fucking hate since...Shawon Dunston?
  16. Keith Moreland is in the booth with Pat.
  17. Did I mention no Carlos Silva?  Well, it's worth mentioning twice.  The lousy bastard.
Look, I'm still a realist.  Do I expect the Cubs to win the division?  Yeah, probably not.  But I can see this team winning 80 games and keeping things interesting all season.

Is this the year?  Oh lord no.  But at least it should be a fun one.

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